Fat Rhino

Fat Rhino is a free runner style game featuring a rhinoceros


The object of the game is to get the highest score possible by collecting fruit, pooping, and dodging spikes

How to play:
Tap anywhere on the screen to make the rhino jump. Tap again while the rhino's in the air to get one bonus jump! For every 5 pieces of fruit you collect your score multiplier will increase by 1 to a maximum of 5! Be warned, your rhino will become heavy and won't run as fast or jump as highTap the rhino to make him poop and he'll get skinnier giving you you speed back immediately



"So Addicting! Fast and difficult! Keeps you coming back." — Haley B.

"Really difficult, but I cannot stop playing!!" — Amber P.

"Awesome and addictive! Just downloaded and can't stop playing the game. Simple yet addictive. Great game. Everybody should download this game!!!" — Cole W.

"Addictive and difficult! The concept is so simple, yet it is exceedingly difficult and keeps you coming back to try and top your last high score. Fat Rhino will make you stay up all night playing! Absolutely love this game, highly recommend it!" — Shaq U.


"And this isn't even my final form!"

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